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It would be good for some people to go along to this (see below), 
especially on the Friday.  Personally, I think it's at the very least as 
important as going to the town centre and shouting slogans...  peaceful 
folk of all religions have to get together to show that the violent ones 
are all of one religion - and should all be sent to an isolated island 
somewhere, where they can happily blow each other up!



Anyone want to go on the Friday?

Hello All;
November 22nd - 28th is Islam Awareness Week. the following events will 
take place in Sheffield.
_The Miracle of Human Creation_
Weds Nov 24th 6pm at Vestry Hall behind Waitrose
_Diologue evening "United through Values"_ Thursday 25th 6pm at 
Sheffield United Community Hall
_Peace in Troubled Time_
Friday 26th Nov 6pm
Vestry Hall Cemetery Rd
There is also an invitation to hear the Muslim Mass in Vestry Hall from 
1.30 on Friday 26th.
ISB have called the week "knowing your neighbour", they are keen that 
people show there support especially at this time! If you have an hour 
to spare please come along afterall they are our neighbours.
email to rsvp iaw_sheff at hotmail.com <mailto:iaw_sheff at hotmail.com>
Sorry it you've recieved this and it doesn't affect you! Well at least 
you know we are trying.
Mandy Aitken 

07968 997861
0114 2412723

The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

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