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2 % Human adam at diamat.org.uk
Thu Nov 18 11:39:55 GMT 2004

Hi Ian,

On 13/11/04 13:12 IAN WALLACE wrote:
> .... I STILL think that at least a part of 'the answer' lies in building local groups. Being a part of a local group means that all sorts of people might, or do, show interest. Those people need hanging on to! No matter how 'little politics' they might have at the start, they might very well be a very important part of 'the solution'. The objective (from my point of view) is not to push them away 'because they've got crappy politics' but to create situations where they might want to think about politics in a new way.

I agree. What do you think about drafting a leaflet that we could post 
through letter boxes in the Nether Edge area ? I'd be happy to do the 
leg work.

Something along the lines of:

"Are you sick to the teeth of our government's policy in Iraq ?

	Was it ever justified ?

Are you shocked by the razing of Fallujah ?

	800 peaceful civilians believed killed by occupation forces alone in 
the last 10 days ? Many more, severely injured and dying from lack of help.

	( Insert photo )

Do you wish you had a place to where you could turn your horror and 
disgust in to some kind positive action ?

Fed up of the same old same old rant and chant you hear on Fargate ?

  	Yes. We thought so.

Don't despair - Let your feeling out - Contact Ian Wallace on ( phone 
number ) or at ( email address ) at first instance who will give you 
information on how you can help.



P.S. In one perspective, it could be said that all our politics are 
crappy because they focus on how we are different rather than how we are 
the same.

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