[Ssf] (urgent) welfare meeting 27/11/04

dave thompson mpower0 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 13:34:10 GMT 2004

I sent a very urgent e-mail to the list and it doesn’t
seem to have arrived, 

Anyway, thanks to all those who have helped with the
welfare meeting and those who have offered to
help.There is quite a lot of interest in the meeting,
but we havent got much time to promote it.

However, there is a small wishlist

Flyposting, help is needed tomorrow, Tuesday,

More distributors for gen publicity

Programme, desperately need a copy of Tonight with
Trevor Mcdonald on so called 
disability benefit scroungers. People studying media,
politics, social policy etc or researchers, your Dept
will almost certainly have it, 


For taking tv etc to venue, 

Though if anyone can get a film projector that would
be much better.

People on the day: chair, facilatators, etc,
teas/coffe makers. etc.

Ideas for visualising the issues: with the best will
in the world, it is hard to convey domestic poverty
issues. We need ideas like posters showing politicians
statements on the issues, large graphs with figures,

It would be great if those interested could meet,
perhaps Thursday, for a short meeting to work out how
the meting will be structured, etc.

Please do help, 


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