[Ssf] Thoughts from Baghdad

Jase spodulike at freeuk.com
Thu Nov 25 00:53:05 GMT 2004


Yes, my heart is sad and angry for what happened in Fallujah.
But, all my life, I am used to flogging myself if I pass by a failure in an
experience. in order to correct my mistakes, and get a benefit out of that
experience, not to repeat the same mistake again.
Why would I put the blame on my enemy? Why would I put the blame on the
occupation force, for using forbidden gasses and bombs?? Huh. what did we
expect of them, to bomb Fallujah with orange fruits??
Why would I challenge them in the first place, if I didn't have the ability to
defend, and confront? Why would I permit them to destroy the whole town, with
its streets, houses, commercial buildings, schools, and mosques?? Why would I
displace its residents to shelters in Baghdad, or to skeletons of houses, on
the outskirts of towns and villages??
Did those who wanted to resist think of all this?? Did they make the
calculations of loosing and gaining in this battle?? Is it a mass suicide?? I
do not understand.
Why would I give the occupation the chance to crush me, and win?? Why wouldn't
I arrange my ranks in a calm way, by a long breathe.collecting the support of
the people, and we all resist the occupation. This is something that requires
the collective spirit.and long years of struggle.
We all love Iraq.and want what is good for it. But we might vary in the way of
expressing that love. Some think they want to build and reconstruct Iraq, so
it would be strong, and able to drive the occupier from it. And others want to
keep Iraq as a constant battleground. So: when will the occupier get out??
He will never get out. and that is exactly what he wants. an unsettled
country, surrounded by disasters, limitless violence and fighting.and
occupation forever.
People need a new, beautiful vision of life. A brave, honest vision, clean of
lying and hypocrisy, in which we drowned all our lives. how beautiful life is
without lies.without embellishments, and insincerity. It shall be clear and
easy.and people would be clearer with each other. Without hatreds.or doubts,
and misconception.
I wish every vicious, mean person would get out of Iraq, that who wants the
bad for us.I wish Iraq would remain for its people, and those he loves here,
whom he needs their help, in rebuilding their lives again.
I wish peace and welfare would prevail on Iraq, and the Iraqis..that the land
of Iraq remains the land of wealth, fertility, and culture, and its people
remain the people of generosity, and good morals.
May GOD bless them all..
Amen .........

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