[Ssf] some thoughts&reminders

IBIS hislop_writers at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 16:58:42 GMT 2004

Hi folks

i am addressing this message specifically to Dave Thomson, to remind him 
that there is a comment letter for him on his article End the 
silence/end the disability cuts published on the newswire.
Which i found very clear and well written.
The rest of this letter is a bit of emotional dropping from someone who 
is a resident in Sheffield, with British partner and British son. 1) 
Join causes: the left has many causes in this country, it seems quite 
fragmented as Dave's article outlines. It looks as if the anti ID 
campaign could turn into a big issue. But a relation has to be also 
clearly stated between that "national database" Blunket is threatening 
with, the cuts in the public services sector, and the cuts in 
disability/benefits claims. Then supporters for 3 campaigns would be united.
The war against Iraq and islamic non compliant countries : a permanent 
background to remind us that the second world is there.
Back to Mr. Blunket's arguments: he wants to stop "illegal" immigration 
with ID cards. Illegal immigrants are already stopped, for gosh's sake, 
either because they die on their way, inside trucks, or before reaching 
the coast : this is the case in Spain: the most needy of immigrants 
don't come from Latin American countries, but from Africa, subsaharian 
countries, and they literally die on their way, they drown. With the 
complicity of their fellow countrymen (sad to say).
Then they call us Europeans "corrupt". We are corrupt because we want to 
stop their "anti-terrorist" wars: because we don't want to discriminate 
and yes, annihilate islamic countries: because we are interested in 
their religion and worldview. We are corrupt because we also weep for 
their victims and not only for the 3,000 dead on sept-11 or the 300 dead 
on march-11 in Madrid. We are corrupt because we don't see that some 
victims are angels and other victims are evil: therefore they don't count:
We are corrupt because we don't wear red poppies in hommage to our own 
victims and own dead soldiers.
So this ends my emotional outburst.

Hope to see you at the meeting, St. Marks Hall, Carver street. If the 
venue is changed please remember to notify change on indymedia newswire.


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