[Ssf] Uni social forum?

Alison Higgins alison.higgins1 at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 30 18:14:27 GMT 2004

Hi all, long time no speak!
There is an embryonic social forum at Sheff uni - they're having a
meeting tomorrow! They know about the meeting at the weekend and at
least some of them are planning to attend so you can discuss the pros
and cons then. However, some students clearly think that People and
Planet isn't enough. 
Cheers Alison 

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On a uni social forum - the calculation here is that most of the people 
who would be interested are already likely to be doing things with 
People and Planet.  P&P's working methods are very similar to social 
forums', and it would be a shame to make a group that took away from

The alternative would be for there to be a group that worked towards an 
'event' at the Uni that had all the various political groups taking

Has anyone contacted Celia / P&P about the weekend?

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