[Ssf] Re: [Project-fallujah] We Pledge Allegiance to the Penguin WAS Re: Your politics are boring as fuck?

2 % Human adam at diamat.org.uk
Tue Nov 30 22:51:48 GMT 2004


This is a great story about the new minister of culture of Brazil : 
Gilberto Gil


robin&amparo wrote:

> If "politics" is not entertaining and fulfilling somehow in your daily 
> life, you won't be "doing it" for long. But then, why should you do it 
> for ever?
> Anyway, for these characters it is not yet a matter of survival. Yet 
> danger is real: we may be just a bunch of clairvoyants (many 
> clairvoyants are now dead but they have written), uttering, like poor 
> Cassandra, terrible truths that no one listens to because they are 
> unintelligible to the audience.
> But an audience cares for survival... anyway, dear project-fallujah 
> members, do you ever have a face- to -face meeting with coffee and 
> snacks somewhere in Sheffield? Or with a veg dinner included (democracy 
> café meetings are doing very well and could be joined).

I think it would be good to meet up as well. I've copied this across to 
ssf to invite dan - from his last few emails over there, it appears that 
he needs to get out more :)

> In my attempts to understand, i have come to some ideas which if not 
> shared may be only partially right or partially applicable.
> Anyway, don't flog yourselves, don't blame yourselves, it makes no sense.

That is one of the beauties of this technology, we can each chip in as 
and when we have the time, motivation, feel the urge etc


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