[Ssf] Local social forum space, rm D202, LSE Clement House

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue Oct 5 17:03:42 BST 2004


Dan from Sheffield Social Forum here. 

A thought on what to do with the all-weekend local social forum space in 
Clement House -

(... which, for Sheffield Social Forum folk reading this,  is going to 
be used by a huge lot of European Social Forums for... well, whatever we 


Everyone brings something about their local social forum for the walls - 
experiences written down, flyers made, work done, newspaper articles, 
successes, failures...

Hopefully there'll be big bits of paper to stick up on the walls there, 
so's we can all write down stuff over the weekend.

Note that the Clement House programme -


- has the space down also for 'New Forms of Democracy', 'Liquid 
Democracy' and 'Direct Democracy!'

There's also the follow-up from seminar n workshop proposal:


Any thoughts? 

love n hope


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