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Another Scotland travel option, anyone?

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    I have been trying to organise a coach for the charity that I do a
    lot of voluntary work for (Development in Action) to go up to
    Edinburgh, for the Make Poverty History rally, but am struggling to
    get enough interest to make it viable. We will probably have to
    cancel it if the situation doesn't improve in the next week, which
    would be a real shame.  If you know anyone who may be interested (in
    London or Sheffield / Leeds area) then I would be extremely grateful
    if you could pass on the details...

    The coach will leave from London King's Cross at 12:00, Friday 1st
    July and will also pick up at the University of Leeds late afternoon
    (time TBC).  We will leave Edinburgh at 11:00 on Sunday 3rd July,
    again stopping in Leeds.  The total journey time has been estimated
    at 8 hours.  The cost is £40 return from London, or £30 return from
    Leeds (cost-price and a good deal!).

    Please could you ask anyone that might be interested to contact me
    at _ellensr at hotmail.com_ *as soon as possible*.  Thank you vv much!

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