[ssf] Cafe and radical, creative workshops tomorrow at Peace in the Park

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Fri Jun 10 14:16:31 BST 2005


Tomorrow at Peace in the Park, get yo' asses (and ears, and all other 
bits of you) down to the Speakeasy info-cafe and workshop space...

(p.s. can someone forward this to Creative Action Network people, coz of 
the 4 o clock Northern Arts Tactical Offensive workshop?)

There'll be good nosh, good discussions and radical, creative workshops 
- go to the open mike tent, poke your head in and take a look at the 
boards to see what's happening when.

Direct action, art activism, theatre, argument and a bit of good healthy 
running-about-type game-playing... We’ve got it all!

Here's some definites -

1 o clock: What’s the G8, why are they coming to Sheffield & what can we do?
2 o clock: Protest and the law - a solicitor answers your questions
3 o clock: Consensus - Consensus works creatively to include everyone in 
decision-making. Instead of simply voting, it finds solutions that all 
can live with. But it isn't just compromise – the result can be 
surprising and creative. Come and find out how.
4 o clock: Northern Arts Tactical Offensive -
Subvertising & visual distraction: True art and imagination can be used 
as part of the transformation of life, society, and our everyday 
reality, not a diversion from it... start today
5 o clock: Blockading - What can so seamlessly unite the creation of 
silly costumes, the opportunity to wave to your mum on the telly and 
lots of healthy outdoor exercise? Why, blockading of course!

Other stuff to include:

Theatrical responses to the G8
The self-organisation game - involves lots of running around and much 
An open discussion about the G8, starting with two opposing views having 
a full and frank discussion! That's at 3.

Also - Indymedia bods will be there, as will Make Poverty History and 

And, of course, you. I predict chaos. But it's gonna be fun chaos!

love to y'all


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