[ssf] Hello from Dan

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Mon Jun 13 00:33:29 BST 2005


On Mon 13-Jun-2005 at 12:08:58AM +0100, Dan wrote:
> It would certainly be worth meeting up, although if I
> did it wouldn't be as a delegate - just as an interested
> activist. Again, that's because SSF isn't able to send
> delegates as such.

Sheffield Indymedia is in the same position (of not having
delegates), also if this proposed body is based on voting
there is a danger that if the SWP take an interest in it
they could take it over...

> I'm guessing trying to get Sheffield organisations to join a single 
> movement, as you suggest, might be a bit like herding cats.

He he, yeah...

> Let me know if you're happy for informal, individual
> activists to attend - which is to say, whether you're OK
> with it being an open meeting.

I think it's important to have open meetings also...


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