[ssf] Thoughts for the future...

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue Jun 21 11:20:56 BST 2005

Hey up,

When criticisms are made of another's writing, it would be lovely if -

a) they were done in a spirit of solidarity, because

b) if you read *all* the post, the sentiments of the writer are wholly 
supportive, really exciting and visionary.  

They even specifically say, for example, that they don't believe in 
old-fashioned 'mass-mobilisation' (which someone accused them of, when 
mentioning 'harnessing...'), and their discussion of the anarchists is 
full of hope and joy.

Also - the reference to filthy dirty radicals: I'm suspecting that's 
partly because that's how we were referring to ourselves.  We even had 
two outings of the Filthy Radical Radio Show on Sheffield Live FM.  
(being played again, today I think - 87.7fm!)  That's merely a 
reflection of not taking ourselves too seriously, and having a good 
time.  (Anyone doubting that humour isn't one of the most powerful of 
political weapons hasn't seen any Bill Hicks or Rob Newman...)

It is, though, a sad truth that one or two words written in haste can 
cause offence.  If I were sixteen or thereabouts, I would get very upset 
if someone called me a little anything...!  Which is why I always read 
back ALL e-mails and posts I write to myself, and try not to write 
anything when drunk!

So a big 'woo hoo!' to the spirit, hope and love of the writer.  And 
here's to a Massive Alternative Terrain of Insurection, Love and Direct 


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