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Well, if the ISYF is a 'farcical no-account outfit of silly punk kids', 
then the SSF is a 'not hugely influential' body that 'fucked up' by not 
outreaching enough... :) (Sorry Edward, not gonna let that one drop!)

But seriously - we should nevertheless find some time to talk.  The fact 
that you're delaying means that SSF may try and press ahead.  It would 
be a shame to leave ISYF out of that, given what I've said about local 
ecology of groups. 

My current feeling is this:  I think we can build for a full Sheffield 
Social Forum in Spring of 2006.  Running up to this, we can have a 
number of events (fundraisers, meetings, talks, street events etc) and 
make contacts with various groups - some of who could potentially take 
the lead in their own arena for the final event.  The more slowly, and 
more organically and more face-to-face this happens, the better.

I was going to try and arrange a meeting between now and the G8, but I 
think we should wait until after the G8.

Just one other point about SSF: I honestly don't think we'll get a lot 
of people to plan for another Sheffield Social Forum.  But I don't think 
we need a lot.  We're not trying to build a mass movement - it's an open 
conference for people who believe in people before profit, not a 
historic bloc.  Let's not get over-excited, or confuse ourselves with 
revolutionary parties.  In the end, SSF is a space, and it's not rocket 
science to organise a space.  It's like a conference, but with more 
consensus!  That's all we're talking about...

That said, a model that can find different themes that can have their 
own autonomy will make for a much more effective and larger final SSF. 

Hopefully MATILDA will have space for SSF to coagulate some of these ideas.

Quite enough for now,


Edward Maltby wrote:

> Hi all, 
>       I'm really sorry to have to say this - and don't think the ISYF 
> a farcical no-account outfit of silly punk kids for it - but we've 
> decided to postpone the meeting on the 28th until the end of the 
> summer. It's been murder trying to find a venue, and all the other 
> ISYFers are away or in exams, so it's just not come together. Sorry to 
> disappoint,
> Edward
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> >Hi Everyone,
> >
> >Shameful misuse of this list, I know, but....
> >Come and see a new play 'God and Gangsters'. A bit of local social 
> history.
> >Following the story of Irish immigrants coming to Sheffield in 
> the1850's, the First World war and finishing with the Sheffield Gang Wars.
> >Friday July !st at Red House pub, Solly St (behind West Bar)
> >Saturday 2nd July at ST Vincent's Catholic Club, Solly St.
> >Both start at 7pm.  Admission by donation.
> >Hope you can come.  Love alice
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