[ssf] Manifesto for the new millenium

dr who adam at diamat.org.uk
Wed May 4 15:58:24 BST 2005

Chris Malins wrote:
> In this time of growing crisis, when I hear nothing but that our dear 
> island is overcrowded and in crisis, I have a solution to all our 
> problems. Let us take asylum seekers, as many as need refuge, and for 
> each one we take, pick a complete bastard British citizen and ship them 
> out to a refugee camp in the Sudan on an exchange program. Flawless.

Perhaps Ant and Dec should be asked to host a TV programme to choose who 
should be shipped-off. It could be called 'Bastard Idol' and there could 
be a phone in to vote on the order of shipping. The money raised from 
the phone poll could be used both the shipping cost and provide a 
settlement allowance for the refuges.

Perhaps Ant and Dec could get things of with a few celebrities ... 
'Celebrity Idle Bastard' ... Any contenders spring to mind ?

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