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Election Fever - defintion, symptoms, prognosis, cure


Patients suffering from this affliction share a common set of
delusions. These include the belief that by answering a multiple
choice question once every five years they live in a democracy and
that by voting they have taken part in an important political process.


As an individual election fever seems to cause little damage. However
when large parts of a society are suffering the results are usually
catastrophic. This is because sufferers feel that once they've placed
a simple cross in a box they have no more responsibilty for political
decisions and consequently political power is left to the most power
hungry, ruthless and corrupt members of a society. One of the most
disastrous examples in recent history was Hitler's rise to power and
the consequent war however lesser tragedies are both numourous and


For individuals the outcome is very much dependent on the length of
time one has suffered the disease. Those that have suffered this
disease for a long time a cure maybe very difficult indeed. However
for those suffering for a shorter period of time a full recovery is
possible given the right support and environment.

For a society the prognosis is not so good because the main channels
of mass communication are rigorously controlled by those who most
benefit from the delusion and these channels are used to perpetuate
the myth making.

Treatment and cure

Keep the patient away from all forms of corporate mass media for at
least 12 months. At the same time encourage interaction with other
forms of media such as books, alternative film, and internet. Ideally
the sufferer should be able to spend plenty of time with non sufferers

Oh yeah for a sane perspective on the election I highly recommend this
great flash movie....



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