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jym jim jymjim at postmaster.co.uk
Mon May 23 19:05:06 BST 2005

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note, originally sent out yesterday to people who have previously contacted me and are on the Sheffield No2ID list, with a few updates on what is being done, plus more information about planned activities and, of course, appeals for help and ideas!


*Over the next week, there will begin a city wide postering campaign designed to generally announce the No2ID group and hopefully attract a few more interested people.

This will take the form of card backed A4 posters dotted about the busiest and most passed spots, and also anywhere else that looks acceptable!

*A leaflet drop, eventually destined for many and various parts of the city, is to begin with our first delivery of 1200, going out in the Bradway/Lowedges area.

UPDATE 22/5/5: In addition to the above distribution, leaflets have been placed in a few shops, post offices and libraries in the same area.

UPDATE 22/5/5: Utilising methods of political advertising seen during the general election, i have designed a picket sign to be placed in NO2ID supporters gardens - you know the kind of thing: diamond board on a 6 foot post.

Anyone interested in helping to make a few and get them in people's gardens please get in touch.

In the next week or we need to arrange a meeting for all of us who are interested in getting to know a little more about the subject, and to generally start acting like a local group!

This will be in a cafe setting, with free drinks available, and there will be lots of information sheets and, hopefully, interesting talk on offer.

Please let me know dates/times of when you could attend - we need to start a regular meeting system in order to plan stuff properly.

Within the next month there will be the first of a series of city center information days, which are aimed at bringing the issue to as many people as possible for the express purpose of making sure that we, as a People, know about what is planned for us - something which is seemingly not intended by either the media or government in general.

UPDATE 22/5/5: i have a meeting arranged to discuss the hire of a promotional caravan/office "hospitality unit" for use in the city center.

For these events we will need lots of hands to help out on the day, plus lots of big posters and, if possible, banners to put up - any assistance in acquiring these if more than welcome

This is going to cost perhaps �50-60 per day, but will give the campaign a far greater impact and status that simple paste tables.


If you can help out with any of the above, in whatever way, please email me, or call on 0114 2312330 (ask for James or leave a message).

I can send you proposed poster designs and leaflets/info sheets to print out yourself, or we can meet up and i can give you ready printed ones (please note that i don't have as many as i would like of these) for you to deliver.

There is an as yet unconfirmed rumour that the new Identity Card Bill may have it's second reading as early as June 3rd, so we must start doing all we can to get the facts about the scheme out!

It is worth keeping in mind that we do not yet have the new Bill to look at, but it cannot be far from a first reading....

Again, please get in touch if you think you can help in any way at all with the activities above, and also if you have any ideas for activities of your own as it would be great to hear them!

Best regards,

james mannell

sheffield no2id

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