[ssf] The Guerrilla Bring and Buy at OS.120 THIS SUNDAY..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri Aug 4 10:45:14 BST 2006

Hey kids,

This Sunday, we're having a secret flea market. You're invited.

There is no flea market in Sheffield, and we want one. If we asked, of
course, they'd just say no. So we're just going to do it ourselves.

Just bring a rug and some stuff to sell. Records, clothes, books, pegs,
pets, relatives. Anything you want rid of. Price it all up cheap and bring
it along.

Even if you don't want to sell anything, why not come along for an
interesting retail experience? Please bring some stuff for a picnic, and we
can all have a bite to eat, too.

DETAILS >>>>>>

The Guerrilla Bring and Buy is taking place
This Sunday, 6th August, from 2pm.

At OS120:
an amazing factory space behind the massive concrete power station at the
bottom of Charter Row. But keep it on the QT. We're having it indoors
because it looks like it's going to rain. So don't be put off.

a map.


We're taking it back to barter. We're going pre-bay. The price is right.
Come on down.



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