[ssf] open mic poetry event

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Dec 7 18:58:34 GMT 2006

alice said she was confused just to clear this all up me andy whent to
conferm the rutalnd and we was sure at the meeting the rutland was fine
but we checked on our way home it has been booked over from when i asked
wed daytime so in a frantic walk around from andy and ring around from
myself all we can find is the dog and partridge it can hold 20 people and
ann is more than happy to let us have the room i know it is small but last
moments and all that we could have gone for cafe euro jhon street but
fealt this was out the way and there not selling boze as yet all other
place we made effort to contact was booked the crickitoturs was closed so
we was left with the dog and partridge i hope we can make it work there
and then look into further places if we feel the need to keep going etc..
of which i would because there aint enough radical poem nights in
sheffield.. hope that clears it for you alice my love and others..

it has been a frantic day and i just need to get stoned so logging off
will check early morn you can phone me alice 07816572505..

one love
a tired negative pissed of with this world

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