[ssf] Parade for Peace and Understanding

JasonGmail lejasonman at googlemail.com
Sun May 7 22:30:57 BST 2006


This Thursday, 7th May, there will be another organising meeting for the
Parade for Peace and Understanding. The parade will be going from the Peace
Gardens to Peace in the Park after some fun and frolics in town. There will
be a rainbow colour theme to the parade symbolising peace and diversity.
There will also be a junk band (hopefully) and samba of some persuasion.
There were some ideas to have a practical edge to the demo - more discussion
on Thurs, plus the first of the publicity!

Meeting is at the Matilda Social Centre on Matilda St (for directions see
http://www.matilda.aktivix.org/). All ideas and all participation welcome!



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