[ssf] Chalk4Peace This Weekend!!!

Jason lejasonman at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 15 17:50:17 BST 2006

SIMULTANEOUS Global Chalk4Peace this weekend on the 16th/17th
September, where people all over the world will be coming out and
Chalking4Peace on the pavements and side walks of towns and cities



Brian Viziondanz said:
"Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no
organisation other than the communication of the idea – it is self
organising, using the streets as a form of media that is fully
accessible to us the general public and moved by the enthusiasm of
those who are touched by the concept – Chalk is readily available
every where! – It harmless, temporary, yet offers a unique way to
contribute to the global conversation that shapes our culture".

"The streets are the perfect medium for this form of activism - they
are used by all of us every day and are accessible to us as a form of
media for 'us ordinary folk', using chalk as the means of _expression.
Chalk is harmless, temporary, yet lasts long enough for the messages
to be shared with many as they pass by"

There is nothing wrong with our world, we are just having a weird
conversation - Reclaim the conversation

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