[ssf] The Campaign Against Primate Change.. (some advice on this festive time)

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Sun Dec 9 12:26:49 GMT 2007

The Campaign Against Primate Change
The human environment has evolved far too much. Primates have changed.

But, we'll keep on driving around in our stupid cars, keep on eating and
drinking from moulded plastic vessels, and keep on running around in just
our underwear with the thermostat turned up high in mid-winter - until we
can no longer, no more.

We will only stop using it when it ain't there.

As Primate Change activists, we are of the realisation that only when Oil
is recognised for the finite resource it is (and finally becomes too
expensive for the economic artifice to continue functioning) only then
will we see the kind of societal-shift necessary for change to begin...
something that some of us have been waiting a long time for.

In the meantime, our advice is that you ensure that your christmas
illuminations are solar powered, and hold onto your hats as the Black Gold
runs out and latter day capitalism goes into meltdown.

So where do you stand when the night of unrest becomes a reality? Upon the
former landfill of Darnall (Tinsley Golf Course), and if we can not get
there, then Redmires. And from here we shall watch the demise of
civilisation and be ready to begin again, hopefully learning from our
past. In our future commune, love shall be free, as will all primates.
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