[ssf] Prepare for the journey...

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Mon Dec 17 12:33:50 GMT 2007

The outer space beings are my brothers. They sent me here. They already
know my music. So rise lightly from the earth and try your wings. Try them
now while the darkness is invisible. THIS is the space age the age beyond
the Earth Age, a different direction beyond the gravitations of the past
THIS is the space age this disguised TWIN of TOMORROW striking upon the
Earth with relentless power like a perpetual whip. this IS the space

Prepare for the journey! YOU have a rendezvous with the Living Wisdom of
the Unadulterated Fate. Prepare for the journey! Like a happy child you
will step out of the pages of the Blinding Blend of the Book, and gaze
astounded at the ENDLESS SPACE of the COSMO-VOID,. Your new course is the
Cosmic Way... Your new vehicle is the Cosmic Plane; You are to reach /
approach the Omni-Cosmo Way You will learn to journey with courage... with
Fiery Aim to Find the even greater day of the even greater tomorrow. The
COSMO - TIMELESS Realm of the Omni-Evolution-Immortalic Day.

We are the BROTHERS of SUN RA as you know he passed from this earth back
home a long time ago in your evolution of matters, in our space and time
it was not that long ago. We have been hanging loose on a Jovian planet,
teaching ourselves and looking at ourselves in reflection. The message
moves on, so does pretentious artist dot com.. we are here, you are there,
somewhere lost. We feel this is the evolution of the primates that has
gone wrong. The omnipresent change is one we must take on board, so for
now we become the campaign against primate change, there will be images
from the bucolic earth, some gigs and events we find ourselves at in the
communication of all that is wrong and yes everything you know is wrong,
also. Enter our world and hold on tight because you are about to leave
yourself as a shadow, just as that mushroom cloud evolves you. Take Care.

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