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hope people dont think this is spam, this really does seem like a unique 
cultural event, we should support such events as they are quite rare. One of 
the artists performing discovered that Neolithic burial grounds resonated 
sounds at a certain frequency - a trance-inducing 111Hz chant. and enough 
said of Martyn Ware, electronic genius.



The Future of sound
thursday 18th jan

7.00 and 4.50 concessions

Millennium Galleries
Arundel Gate
S1 2PP

Telephone: 0114 278 2600

December 2006 sees the start of a nationwide tour by musicians and audio 
designers collaborating with artists and scientists, which will literally 
blow your mind ...

Artistes at the cutting edge of sound production and manipulation will 
showcase their innovations and discoveries. Participants include LSD 
evangelist Brian Barritt, 'telephone terrorist' Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner 
who recently composed a new national anthem for Europe, Brian Duffy whose 
work with Modified Toy Orchestra creates new electronic instruments from 
abandoned children's toys and Paul Devereux, who discovered that Neolithic 
burial grounds resonate at the same frequency - a trance-inducing 111Hz 

"There is nothing like Future of Sound with its heady mix of sheer sonic 
pleasure and an educational glimpse behind the work into the processes used 
by its fine selection of artists and producers, and I know that audiences 
will have great fun sampling this sonic cocktail".
Bronac Ferran, Director, Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts Council England

Joining the Future of Sound programme are innovative audiovisual 
performances and sonic artworks from the international Cybersonica festival, 
an annual meeting point for digital artists, musicians, software developers 
and those interested in audiovisual experimentation. A selection of 
interactive sonic artworks commissioned for the 2006 Cybersonica festival 
will be on view.

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