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Thu Mar 8 16:56:41 GMT 2007

Now turn it off, play it loud if you are going to play it, come on mosh
you fuckers. i love beating myself up at gigs, every so often it freaks
out the Mothers watching a Fat Bastard beat himself and you do it right
there is no little pain some just leave the gig, all well and good and
when i first watched Chora at Sheffield Independent Film i was the only
mother letting it loose and much the same when they played gigs at
Matilda, the more on the edge the music is, the more i love it, the more i
move the same 5 3 07 with Nirvana on the player From track 8 on the album
of from the Muddy Banks of the Wishka it simply blows and if you are
passive you are as dead as the plague dogs of humanity. You know I've had
this thought over the last few weeks if i was there parents I would have
them aborted at birth but the Middle Class have never been known for doing
the right thing, give them a gun they would think it to be used on the
Working Class this is why we must never give them a gun and do the
shooting ourselves.

Yes one is being kind of serious when I write such comments, I have no
problem with the use of force and violence to gain my own liberation and
the liberation of the Working Class and please do not inform me one is
wrong, take a look at the occupation of Iraq and 6,500 plus dead their
order is based upon force and violence and it will only be overcome when
annhihilate the real enemy of class the Middle Class. it is not those
seeking Refuge or those been given Asylum neither is the so called chavs
we need to find a common path of unity and understand the most subversive
act we can do is that of love and as said hate is a manifestation of

We do need to enter into being disingenuous acts of bullying each other,
be it through Racism calling each other names, failing to understand
others around us. I've had enough of being at the end of bullying and then
becoming one myself and seeing where it leads it angers me to walk down
Ironside Road and see the slums where the working class are dumped and
left like parasites to fight and feed off each other, angers me to see at
7am in a morning a man on his way to work with a can Special Brew in his

Never before has the Working Class been under such an assault from the
real parasites of the Middle Class and this Blog will not name any names
but i hope is read by those who i have been in conflict with for far too
fucking long and Ii hope they get to understand that my anger and
motivation is not because there is something wrong with myself, not
because one is living the nightmare inflicted on me four years ago when i
was violated. Neither is one seeking conflict. no, I come in peace to the
working class with war to Middle Class this is called The Class War and as
far as one is concerned the only just war, not the one we fight every day
amongst ourselves. We need to look further than bullying of each other and
the last few weeks have left me full of unwanted anger, can we now cease
the Class War against ourselves and take it to real enemy, the Middle

It is now 7.3.07 and you never guess but I've had a letter from housing
benefit people full of their normal bullshit, one would be more than happy
to stay here in this quite awesome setting of Broomhill but seems there is
just a real effort by Sheffield City Council to enusre I stay homeless or
could this be paranoia? and I hope it is just my paranoia, there is a path
out of this I'll take me time and seek further advice. Just been reading
the blog of unnamed person following all the vitriol from them, it seems
they now understand the damage their comments can do.

Last blog I posted a link to Magna aka Deadman's Hole and some images. I
like taking photos and feel it can be a powerful tool of self expression
but I have the space to paint onto canvas and you know this is what I
might just do.

There is a need for a exhibition and promotion of my work yes it seems
crass (in my head at least) but one is looking for an agent to get my
profile raised and I hope Broomhall works out because time space without
conflict would be fucking awesome. i have discovered many truths in the
last couple of years, i say it again thanks to Heather for her love, time
and space it moved on here also moved myself on. The last 17 days of
conflict have done me no good but shit happens and for a reason I'd guess.
going to make a start on that long overdue book and go hug some more trees
and yes I need to paint a canvas or two, put a proposal together for an
exhibition this goes with love to Lucy, we all have to do shit we do not
like, stick out and yes it would be nice to meet, go for a walk with a
fellow tree hugger. well, I was going nip over to Rawmarsh today but I'll
let that be, til Thursday

So 7.3.07 we find ourselves again at The field,s of Great Oaks and Mother
Beech trees, fuck there is an energy round these parts. Over the road you
have Gleadless then on the other side Batemoor, just further down Low
Edges but, in the middle is Norton, an old church from 1190,ad and up the
road from there, The field of Great Oaks and Mother Beech trees. we found
this place on Monday and I got stoned off of the vibration and energy of
here. today in a glorious mid afternoon sunshine here are the images from
the 7.3.07

Now if god is real he will be very happy with his creation, well almost,
man has placed too much urban paranoia of cities on his earth but, hang a
moment I've had this thought: if we are born from Adam and Eve, is that
not fucking incest, so the middle class are my brothers and sisters.

Oh fuck, are you telling me we are all the same? On the 53 back into the
urban metropolis of Sheffield on a Wednesday afternoon, how still this
city seemed today. we enter The Blue Moon and the parasites of the Middle
Class are there in their small talk and pretentious bullshit, reality is
never nice when it smacks you in the face. well, one is off to dream of
flame throwers and napalm. take care.

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