[ssf] Power to the people.. Turned out nice again aint it..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue Mar 20 11:21:16 GMT 2007

I spent the day chasing clouds, yes clouds with brother Andy, oh what joy
that was we are are having what some name as strange weather. However it
is normal, it has been a few years since we have such grand weather, there
was me howling in laughter and sheer joy in a hail storm, as brother Andy
took shelter, oh how we have become moved from our Mother, our Earth. i
took joy in the Weather of the last few days and have a fair few images
from the last few days and i'll spend much of Wed getting them on line for
your viewing pleasure.

I find myself still stoned from the vibrations of the Earth, i slept like
a baby in a pleasent warm slumber naked from my clode chasing antics of
Monday waking Tuesday in a happy, warm mood.. who need drugs or drink to
reach this nirvana?

I spent a short time round The Squat last night it was nice in the candle
light, the part derelict house, indeed we have become to reliant on power
in its many forms, all one can say is abolish power in all its forms be it
the kind that feeds light, be it the one that keeps us subjugated or is it
us as people that keep each of us subjugated i keep saying there is a
longer blog, no doubt it will emerge but for now me to skank to The Late
Great Bob Marley and celebrate our Earth, Our Mother. oh natty dread rise
again, let us go back to our Earth, our Mother, keep hugging the trees,
watching the clouds.

One love

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