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[français: www.salonanarchiste.ca]
 [fully updated information below and on the website:
[please post and forward widely; *curious about anarchism? check us out!*]

MAY 21-22, 10am-5pm
at the CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
(a short walk from Lionel-Groulx metro)
FREE. Welcome to all!*
*Bring your kids!

For anarchists and people curious about anarchism.

-> Check out the HIGHLIGHTS below: Main Hall, Kid Zone, Introductions to
Anarchism, Workshops and Presentations, Autonomous Media and Technology
Room, Anarchist Film Room, Kids Zone, Anarchist Cabaret, Festival of Anarchy
and more.
-> Participants from all over Quebec and North America, booksellers and
vendors, workshops, films, discussions, kids activities, art exhibits and
-> NOTE: During this year’s Bookfair, tabling will take place over TWO DAYS:
May 21-22 between 10am-5pm.*

-*> OUTREACH:* Our publicity materials – flyers and posters, as well as
online callouts – are ready, but we need your help and support in
distributing these materials widely! To learn more about how you can help
promote the Bookfair:
*-> VOLUNTEER:* Volunteer at this year's Bookfair; Adopt-an-anarchist;
Volunteer in the Kids Zone; Help us cook for the Anarchist Bookfair. info:

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair -- and month-long Festival of Anarchy --
bring together anarchist ideas and practice, through words, images, music,
theatre and day-to-day struggles for justice, dignity and collective

The Bookfair is for people who don't necessarily consider themselves
anarchists, but are curious about anarchism, as well as a space for
anarchists to meet, network and share in a spirit of respect and solidarity.
All are welcome.

The Bookfair is organized in a spirit of openness towards the different
traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism. Together we share a
commitment to promoting anarchism through the values of mutual aid,
grassroots democracy, direct action, autonomy and solidarity, while opposing
oppression in all its forms.

The Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy provide an important gathering and
reference point for anti-authoritarian ideas and practice in North America.

-> What Happens at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair? Read more here:
-> Accessibility Statement: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/accessibility


*MAIN HALL: *The Bookfair features over 100 booksellers, distributors,
independent presses, zines and political groups from all over Montreal,
Quebec and North America, and abroad. For a full list of vendors, visit:

*KID ZONE!:* Fun activities, snacks, outdoor games, craft room, quiet space
and more for all interested kids (and their parents):

*ART & ANARCHY:* Art & Anarchy brings together the creations of dozens of
anarchist-inspired artists and organizers. This year’s exhibition will
include sculptures, paintings, posters, banners, drawings, and other
multi-media forms. info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/art

* 1pm: Anarchism without Anarchists / Anarchism with Anarchists: The
Practice and Relevance of Anarchism (Jaggi Singh)
* 1pm: Discovering Anarchism Through Music (Philippe Morin)
* 1pm: Introduction to Anarchism (tba)
* 1pm: Wage alienation: For an anarchist critique of work: (Camille Robert)
info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/workshops-2011

*** 11am : The importance of struggle at the workplace (Industrial Workers
of the World)
* 11am: Transforming Harm: Supporting Survivors and Confronting Sexual
Assault in Our Communities (SACOMSS & Philly Stands Up)
* 11am: Oppose and Propose! Lessons from Movement for a New Society (Andrew
* 12pm: Anarchist Writers Bloc Workshop (Anarchist Writers Bloc-Montreal)
* 1pm: Social struggles in Indigenous communities of South America (le
Comité d’appui au peuple Mapuche and Nicolas Van Caloen)
* 1pm: Anarchists against "austerity" measures Les anarchistes face aux
mesures « d’austérité » (l’Union communiste libertaire and others)
* 3pm: An Introduction to Animal Liberation & Anarchism: How Animal
Liberation Attacks the Roots of the Capitalist System (Love & Rage
Liberation Collective)
* 3pm: Support and Self-Defence in the Face of State Repression: The example
of the G20 in Toronto & Montreal (La Convergence des luttes
anticapitalistes, CLAC)
* 3pm: Orwell: The Anarchist-Tory (Eric Martin)
* 3pm: Introduction to contemporary anarchist perspectives (Christian
info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/workshops-2011

* 11am: Anti-authoritarian perspectives on the ongoing revolutions from the
gulf to the ocean: Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain,Libya, Iran, Iraq,
Palestine (Tadamon! Montreal)
* 11am: Lessons in Solidarity: The Oscar Grant rebellions and the movement
against police terror in Oakland, CA. (Oakland 100 Support Committee)
* 11am: Physical proximity, neighborhood life and anarchist struggles: the
experience of La Pointe Libertaire (le collectif de La Pointe Libertaire)
* 12pm: For the International Meetings of Anarchism in St. Imier
(Switzerland) in 2012 (la coopérative Espace noire)
* 1pm: Philosophy: A kids game (Louise-Caroline Bergeron, Mubeenah Mughal &
Marike Reid-Gaudet)
* 1pm: The Struggle for Reproductive Autonomy: From underground abortion
collectives to the fight to decriminalize sex work. (Emily Davidson & Kaley
* 1pm: Round-table: 10 years after the Summit of the Americas: What impact
on anarchists? (Hélène Nazon, Maxime Fortin, Sarita Ahooja et d’autres)
* 3pm: Anarchism, Colonialism, and Aboriginal Dispossession in the Canadian
West (Paul Burrows)
* 3pm: 50 years of struggle against police brutality in Montreal, 15
demonstrations on March 15: What strategy in the face of an oppressive
State? (Collectif Opposé à la Brutalité Policière, COBP)
* 3pm: Todos Somos Japon and Planetary Anarchism (Go Hirasawa, Adrienne
Hurley & Sabu Kohso)
* 3pm: Parole Sans Parole (the termite collective)
* 3pm: Our solidarity: A terrain to decolonize (Projet Accompagnement
Solidarité Colombie, PASC)
info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/workshops-2011

- “An introduction to the theory of tech security” with Koumbit
- "Building your own sound system" with Montreal Sound Team
- “Basic Tech Security: the why and how of secure communication,
anonymization and data storage" with Anarchist Tech Support
- "Building a 1-watt transmitter" with Radios Populares from Chicago, US
(eng., esp.)
- “Screen-printing For the Revolution” with the Ste-Emilie Skillshare (bil.)
- Live broadcast on CKUT, 90.3FM
- Presentations on “Radio and Resistance: Latin American Solidarity Model”
featuring Radio Populares

Co-organized by: CKUT Radio, Anarchist Tech Support & the Montreal Sound
Team, with Radio Populares (Chicago)
info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/autonomous-media-technology-room

*FILM ROOM (Sunday, May 22):
This year’s Film Room includes the Montreal premiere screenings of: “In the
Land of the Free” (USA 2010), “Tales from the G20” (Toronto 2011), and
“Bastards of Utopia” (Croatian with English subtitles). We will also be
showing the feature film “De La Servitude Moderne” (France 2009) as well as
short films from Emmanuelle Lippé, Nicolas van Caloen & Juan Pablo Lepore,
Andréann Cossette Viau, Micky Morin, Sofi Périard, Hugo Le Bleu-Tadros, Sara
Dupéré and others.*

* 11am: De La Servitude Moderne (Jean-François Brient et Victor León Fuentes
/ 53 min / FR / France / 2009)
* 12pm: In the Land of the Free (Vadim Jean / 84 min / ENG / 2010)
* 1:30pm: Dehors (Emmanuelle Lippé / Full Instinct productions / 28 min /
Montréal / FR & ENG / 2010)
* 2pm: IMPA, Usine récupérée, cité culturelle (Nicolas van Caloen & Juan
Pablo Lepore / 17 min / Argentine / Spanish, subtitled in French / 2009)
* 2:20pm: Short Films from Télé Sans Frontières
* 3pm: Tales from the G20 (Wandering Eye Productions / 55 mins / EN / Canada
/ 2011
* 4pm: Bastards of Utopia (Maple Razsa and Pacho Velez / 54 min / Croatian
with English subtitles / 2010)
info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/film-room2011

*ANARCHIST CABARET (Friday, May 20, at L'Alizé, 900 Ontario est):* A
kick-off and benefit for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.
More info to be posted shortly on our website.

*FESTIVAL OF ANARCHY: *The entire month of May in Montreal is part of the
Festival of Anarchy, with diverse anarchist-themed events occurring at
different venues all over the island of Montreal. info:

*DONATIONS:* The proceeds from this year’s Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will
support: i) the DIRA Anarchist Library (Montreal); ii) Anarchist Bookfair
Accessibility Fund; iii) G20 Legal Defence Fund; iv) Éditions Écosociété’s
defense of two SLAPP suits by Canadian mining companies Barrick Gold and
Banro Corporation. info: http://www.anarchistbookfair.ca/donations

*Curious about anarchism? Check us out!*
-> e-mail: info at anarchistbookfair.ca
-> web: www.anarchistbookfair.ca
-> telephone: 514-679-5800
-> announcements list: https://masses.tao.ca/lists/listinfo/salon-annonces
-> facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=71082453058
-> twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BookfairAnarMTL

*-> OUTREACH:* Our publicity materials – flyers and posters, as well as
online callouts – are ready! But we need your help and support in
distributing these materials widely! To learn more about how you can help
promote the Bookfair: h
*-> VOLUNTEER:* Volunteer at this year's Bookfair; Adopt-an-anarchist;
Volunteer in the Kids Zone; Help us cook for the Anarchist Bookfair. INFO:

salon-annonces mailing list
salon-annonces at masses.tao.ca

Ste-Émilie Skillshare & Zine Distro
3942, rue Ste-Émilie (corner/coin St. Augustin)
Montréal, QC, H4C 2A1
*Metro Place-St-Henri*

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