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Sun Jun 6 22:18:07 UTC 2004

I am here, I have been bounced from a fair few other lists due to my 
heavy filters bouncing stuff back to them. This list has been quiet 
except for odd bits of spam.

Also Nick I am hoping to re sort out audio file of RMS's talk in 
Edinburgh. I need to work out how to do something that is I don't work 
out soon I may ask here.

The best version at moment is:
http://rms.movingpages.org/audio/rms-speech-gnu-edinburgh-270504.ogg ( 
43 MB, 2 hours )

It has all the big pauses / interuptions removed such as late comers 
finding seats.

But it has over top sample rate, and misses the last 10 mins of 
questions and final applause.

A full unedited but more compact audio file of talk done by someone else 
is at:
it has 6 mins run in time where you can just about hear me panicing as I 
try set up video tripod, in end camera died after 10 mins.

Also Ulla's interview she did with RMS just before talk which along with 
transcript can be found at::

Version in German at:



Nick Hill wrote:

> FYI this message came through. The previous message I received was on 
> 25/5/04.
> ?Perhaps the list system could not deliver mails in the planned outage 
> so people have been suspended for bounced mail. When I posted to the 
> list, the suspension was lifted?
> Nick Hill wrote:
>> I noticed I haven't been receiving messages from this group. I then 
>> checked the archive and yes, I have missed some messages but there is 
>> nowhere near the usual volume on the web archive.

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