[AktiviX] Re: this list / RMS audio recording

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Sun Jun 6 22:37:31 UTC 2004

Hi Micah

I will check out the links soon. I keep an archive of free software 
recordings in a higher sample rate/ quality then use a script to 
resample/compand/filter the sound. This way, I remember the transforms I 
have applied to the speech and can re-code with a different version of 
the codec if needed. I use sox to perform transforms to the recordings.

I make the speeches on the http://audio-video.gnu.org  web site 
available in the same codec where possible - an older codec which tends 
to be forwardly compatible. I may re-code the speeches at some point to 
a newer codec.

A journalist is making a documentary about free software. He urgently 
needs some good video footage of RMS talking about copyright vs 
community. Do you have such footage?

Space Bunny wrote:
> I am here, I have been bounced from a fair few other lists due to my 
> heavy filters bouncing stuff back to them. This list has been quiet 
> except for odd bits of spam.
> Also Nick I am hoping to re sort out audio file of RMS's talk in 
> Edinburgh. I need to work out how to do something that is I don't work 
> out soon I may ask here.

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