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Space Bunny lists at j12.org
Tue Jun 22 04:28:08 UTC 2004

good luck with building on the domain.

> a) wiki.aktivix.org  ( and then we can discuss the best flavour of wiki
> engine !!)

I like MoinWiki mainly because I can update server wide, rather than 
having to do each one.

Twiki is good with attachments, complex layered user access, but takes 
more time to deploy.

> d) moving to a next generation network provider, and build some  cool p2p
> heavy encrypted overlay network lightweight application, which will carry
> information pollen anonymously and securely wherever we go.

maybe this is of interest then:

Also I don't know about being lightweight as far as resources need to 
run well but do check out:


Unfortunely it needs java but if you have java run time already then do 
try running it if you have good ram size, and spare disk space.
The network has being running better recently. The trouble with these 
sort of things is getting people to use them when for immediate needs 
now they are satisfied with existing network which is vulnerable to 
repression, and then when that comes too late.

It is quite an uphill struggle to get people to move to free software 
which is better for there needs now, on top of all issue about them 
being dominated and controlled by using proprietary software.

Space Bunny

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