[AktiviX] event proposal

max max at tofubandits.org.uk
Tue Jun 22 12:35:55 UTC 2004

Hi All

> > we'd like y'all to come to sheffield for the weekend for aktivix ii
hey, i'm looking forward to it already! cheers sheffield folks!

> > [child of aktivix, reaktivix, aktivix redux whatever].
"reaktivix" tickles me, but then what do we do next year?

> a) wiki.aktivix.org  ( and then we can discuss the best flavour of wiki
> engine !!)
what would be the point of the wiki? what would we post? ok, i'm being 
unimaginative, but i haven't felt "gosh! really need another wiki" for a long 
long long time. but then again, we could have used a wiki last year when we 
were organising aktivix 1. 

mmm... lets see - wiki could have been useful when building the timetable, 
putting info materials for the workshops on the web (before and after 
weekend)... so perhaps, perhaps ;-)

> b) www.aktivix.org ( anybody wanna build a web site or gota favourite
> content management system ?)
anyone who wants to rip the penguin on star logo we used last year can do that 
from http://seedsforchange.org.uk/aktivix or email me for bigger resolution 
gimp file.

> b) yourname at aktivix.org for email
yes, yes, yes! lovely! nearly as nice as tofubandits.org.uk! but seriously, 
riseup.net could do with a bit of pressure easing, and if we have an activist 
relevant mail host set up in the uk it would be easier for ppl to donate to. 
count me in as a pop user!

> d) moving to a next generation network provider, and build some  cool p2p
> heavy encrypted overlay network lightweight application, which will carry
> information pollen anonymously and securely wherever we go.
or provide anonymous internet access/proxying. we talked about it aktivix, and 
the conditions haven't been right to sort it out here in lancaster. perhaps 
this is what we've been waiting for?



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