[AktiviX] Re: riseup alternative

cc at riseup.net cc at riseup.net
Thu Jun 24 23:29:27 UTC 2004


On Thu 24-Jun-2004 at 01:26:05PM -0700, Max Gastone wrote:
> I think that it is really important that we have an
> alternative to take the pressure off of RiseUp as well -
> for starters, it is bad to have so much centred around
> it.


> I would be up for helping with a UK based alternative,
> but I am concerned about security issues, for example
> the RIP Act - fairly toothless towards end users but
> could be used to heavily affect servers.

Hmm, perhaps hosting a server in another conutry is
something to consider...?

> So, nice idea, how can we take this forward; this
> would be ideal for discussing at the Sheffield event,
> but it would be good to have some basics sorted out
> before hand, or at least a skeleton outline of
> aim/requirements.

I'd quite like to get stuff up and running and sort out
the details as we go rather than start by having a
meeting... For example I can think of quite a few lists
that could be migrated to lists.aktivix.org and I'd be
keen on doing this sooner rather than later...


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