[AktiviX] lists.aktivix.org: conventions?

max max at tofubandits.org.uk
Fri Jun 25 09:32:53 UTC 2004

> Quoting cc at riseup.net:
> > How about aktivix at lists.aktivix.org?
> i second this. shall we say 48 hours, and if no dissent we do this?

does this list has a specific purpose? i see it as a discussion list for 
interesting things to be shared with aktivixy type people. that suggests 
aktivix-discusssion or aktivix-disc at lists.aktivix.org

i make the distinction, because it's very possible there'll be a fair bit of 
organising-the-next-aktivix traffic soon (aktivix-org at lists.aktivix.org? or 
maybe just aktivix at lists.aktivix.org), and that raises the question of 
whether it's better to split into two lists (discussion and organisation), or 
whether it's not worth it...


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