[AktiviX] lists.aktivix.org: conventions?

Alan Dawson aland at burngreave.net
Fri Jun 25 13:55:10 UTC 2004

Quoting max <max at tofubandits.org.uk>:

> organising-the-next-aktivix traffic soon (aktivix-org at lists.aktivix.org? or
> maybe just aktivix at lists.aktivix.org), and that raises the question of
> whether it's better to split into two lists (discussion and organisation), or
> whether it's not worth it...

there aren't that many peeps on this list (43 ?), and the traffic pretty low
(30+ per month).  My shout for a single list with all trafffic on it until
somebody complains, called aktivix-discuss at lists.aktivix.org.  This to have
subscribers and archives imported from aktivix at burngreave.net and a rule put in
so that email to aktivix at burngreave.net is either forwarded to
aktivix-discuss at lists.aktivix.org, or sends a bounce message back to the sender
with instructions on how to find the new list ?

"The long revolution is creating small federated microsocieties, true guerilla 

 cells practising and fighting for this self-management. Effective radicality  
 authorises all variations and guarantees every freedom. "  

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