[AktiviX] copyright configuration: licensing commercial use?

cc at riseup.net cc at riseup.net
Wed Jun 30 11:07:03 UTC 2004


On Tue 29-Jun-2004 at 01:33:41PM +0100, mp wrote:
> I would, however, suggest:
> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/;
> because it also prevents immediate commercialisation
> (without consent), but of course it would be possible to
> negotiate a "good organisation's" use of the material,
> but to let it be possible, in principle, for Rupert
> Murdoch to just use the stuff is a bit too permissive
> for my taste. I like sharing, but not with just anyone
> (fascists, capitalist pigs etc. are some examples)....

Actually I really don't like the no commercial use clause
-- it really goes against the GPL which _does_ allow
people to sell free software... I'd prefer the GFDL to the

> PS: for those also involved with Indymedia, it would be
> something to think about for the publishing page: "tick
> the box with your preferred copyright license" (which
> would then have a range of Creative Commons options, and
> one CC license as default).

Yeah, this has been considered, but it's not yet been
agreed or implemented, feel free to add to the wiki page
about this issue:



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