[AktiviX] copyright configuration: licensing commercial use?

mp mp at fsc.cc
Wed Jun 30 12:23:32 UTC 2004


interesting question, i think.....

> Actually I really don't like the no commercial use clause
> -- it really goes against the GPL which _does_ allow
> people to sell free software... I'd prefer the GFDL to the
> by-nc-sa...

I do not think that it goes against the GPL, because it still follows
the sentiment of a commons for some, but not for all: a commons has no
space for Rupert Murdoch, IMHO, since he does not respect it in the ways
that it is conceived (in terms of exploiting his employees, brainwashing
his customers/readers, destroying the environment etc. etc..)

What the NC restriction means is that FOX News would have to ask before
they could use material from, in this case, Aktivix, and if they wished
to use it they would have to comply with whatever Aktivix would agree to
through consensus. In this way, each commercial use of Aktivix material
could be decided on in its specific context (such as appropriate
remuneraiton to the network/project or or or). Without the NC
restriction it is a Free for All.

But, generally you prefer to let Bush, Murdoch and Branson have FREE use
of the work that we create?


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