[AktiviX] copyright configuration: licensing commercial use?

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Wed Jun 30 17:18:58 UTC 2004


On Wed 30-Jun-2004 at 01:23:32PM +0100, mp wrote:
> But, generally you prefer to let Bush, Murdoch and
> Branson have FREE use of the work that we create?

Do you really think that they would want to use material
off our wiki?

If, for example, Murdoch did want to publish a page from
the AktiviX wiki in one of his newspapers and did comply
with the CC terms what would be the problem?

However, I don't expect this to happen!

A more realistic example would be if someone wanted to
reproduce stuff off the site for a pamphlet on free

A concrete example of something like this is the Indymedia
Handbook which is mostly from stuff from the IMC wiki

If we use a license that does not allow commercial use
then the person putting together a pamphlet would not be
allowed to sell it, which would be bad because it could
mean that it wouldn't even get produced :-/

Martin suggests that for some cases we could change the
terms of the license -- but to do this we would have to
contect everyone who contributed to ask their permission
and they would all have a veto over changing it and if
someone was not contactable then we would be stuffed and
couldn't change the license. 

For more on the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0


And for the one I prefer, the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0


I'd be interested in hearing what others think about
this... Bunny? Nick?


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