[AktiviX-discuss] meeting at indymedia network meeting

scott scott at aktivix.org
Thu Oct 5 12:06:42 UTC 2006


ana wrote:
> There are weekly meetings now on irc indymedia, #uk channel, to prepare
> this network meeting. We could have our own in #aktivix if you want...
> Any suggestions?

an irc meeting in the next few days would be very useful... there are a couple
of things i would like to ask people and/or find out and/or i think we should
discuss e.g.

- funding
- what is aktivix?
- what services we can provide

not all of this needs to be decided right away (although some of it does) but it
is good to get questions out first in the open so that we can maybe produce some
answers by the imc network meeting (if we can meet there as well, would be good)

how about sunday 8pm? prompt, and for just 30-45 minutes or so...


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