[AktiviX-discuss] [OT] can anyone help with a domain registration problem?

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 22:57:31 UTC 2008


This isn't an aktivix question, but I thought someone on this list might 
have a clue how to solve my problem. I just registered a domain name 
(tikvanet.org) and ordered a web hosting package from a canadian company 
called dayanahost.com. So far everything has worked OK, but I have since 
found out that dayanahost.com contract out their proxy domain 
registration service to a company called DomainsByProxy, who look like 
they have a pretty bad record. Firstly, they register the domain in 
their own name, and don't make it clear when you register with them that 
it belongs to them and not to you. So if I want to stop using them, they 
may get to keep the domain name. Secondly, the reason I went for them in 
the first place was to keep my name and address off the public whois 
register, and it looks like they are not even very good at doing this - 
they have a record of giving out details to anyone who sends them a 
threatening letter, without even warning you what they have done.

Obviously this is my own fault, as I should have investigated things a 
bit better before I signed up for this, but does anyone on the list know:

a) whether there are any proxy domain registration services with a good 
record of doing what they say? Preferably neither in this country nor 
the US. (Though I'm currently thinking that http://www.dynadot.com who 
are based in california look much better)
b) what's the best way to approach DomainsByProxy to get my domain name 
back off them? It isn't the end of the world if I lose this name, but I 
would like to keep it if I can. (It's based on a place in a sci fi novel 
by Marge Piercy - Body of Glass)
c) Are proxy domain registrators worth having anyway, or is it better to 
have your name on whois and have done with it? I'm not thinking of using 
this domain for anything that controversial at the moment, but I don't 
want anyone who knows my email address for example to also know my 
postal address.

andy baxter

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