[AktiviX-discuss] INBOX.msf: unknown mailbox format

ana ana at aktivix.org
Thu Oct 3 13:41:46 UTC 2019

aktivix-discuss-request at lists.aktivix.org wrote:
>> home/ana/.thunderbird/ana/imapMail/aktivix.org/INBOX.msf: unknown
>> mailbox format
> Hi,
> It's a thunderbird index file for that folder. They sometimes get
> corrupted.
> You ought to be able to fix it by right clicking on the folder within
> thunderbird, then properties and repair folder.
> If that doesn't work, close thunderbird, copy the file somewhere else
> and restart.
> Cheers,

Thank you! I had done the former, now I did the latter.

Error message still there.

Is is serious? or , how serious is it?

Thanks again


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