[AktiviX-discuss] having a gmail account and an aktivix account in thunderbird

mark mark at aktivix.org
Wed Oct 14 11:24:09 UTC 2020

On 12/10/2020 10:38, mx wrote:
> In order to study at the uni, I need to work with a gmail account, which
> sucks...
> I was wondering how would affect in terms of seccurity and privacy
> having diferent mail accounts (aktivix, riseup, gmail) in the same
> thunderbird.

Hi there g,

I would think about this in terms of keeping your online identities in
silos, i.e. you want to make it difficult for an adversary to connect
your different email addresses to each other, thereby suggesting that
the same person controls them each.

The short answer to your question is that using the same thunderbird for
different emails would indeed provide some evidence that the same human
was behind the different addresses, if an adversary has access to any of
the networks your communications use. Even if you use end-to-end
encryption of your message and your mail servers are hardened, there are
various bits of metadata that could be correlated: your IP address, the
way thunderbird deals with headers, the time each account is polled, and
so on.

The longer answer is that if you really, seriously want to isolate
multiple online identities, the job goes way beyond just not using the
same mail user agent. You would need to make sure that nothing about
your use of one account can be related to the other. For example, you
might want to use each account only from a TAILS stick which only uses
that single email address, from which you only do one specific on-line
activity. This is a big topic and you'll need to give it some serious
thought, depending on how much is at stake for you.


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