[AktiviX-discuss] having a gmail account and an aktivix account in thunderbird

mp mp at aktivix.org
Wed Oct 14 13:29:23 UTC 2020

On 14/10/2020 12:24, mark wrote:
> The longer answer is that if you really, seriously want to isolate
> multiple online identities, the job goes way beyond just not using the
> same mail user agent. You would need to make sure that nothing about
> your use of one account can be related to the other. For example, you
> might want to use each account only from a TAILS stick which only uses
> that single email address, from which you only do one specific on-line
> activity. This is a big topic and you'll need to give it some serious
> thought, depending on how much is at stake for you.


And writing - about such issues - to lists that are publicly archived is
probably the first thing *not* to do....


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