[alt-media-res] wiki and plans

zoe zoe at esemplastic.net
Mon Nov 20 16:53:43 GMT 2006

be great to talk to some of you soon about
1. what more should I be doing to and putting on the wiki (just trying to
add transcript of a key ifiwatchnet interview to private wiki and the system
is protesting that the text is too big, and telling me to break it into
sections, which I did, but with no change in system message, ho hum... shall
I put it on the ftp server instead?). thing is, when I look around for
inspiration and guidance and links I am not seeing much there from any of
you others and so am wondering if I'm going about things the right way...?
are others looking at and using what I've been doing there, if so any
feedback? how or when does any of this this get any more 'reflected' upon?
2. whether it is appropriate to be seeking more subproject funding at this
stage if so how and for what (I have proposals, just need to know if it's
not too cheeky who to take them to) and
3. plans for working away days, maybe at the lacket in wilts, sometime soon,
which has been mooted, and would presumably be great opportunity to approach
answers to some questions above, and which I would need to book soon if at
the lacket
cheers my dears

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