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hello .. just been peering at this .. seems useful/relevant re: the sharing of media/video etc. ?
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greetings all,
and thanks to those who made it into the irc chat this morning. sorry more
people were not able to be there giving their feedback and inputs, but I
trust that this is only because you trust us to be doing the right thing,
and we can now move forward together nonetheless ;-)
so, forwarded below is jamie and jan's proposed summary of intent for next
steps in this process, which effectively of serves as minutes of the meeting
as well. If anyone has any additional, or alternative, suggestions to this
plan, please do speak now, as we are now working that into a proposal for
further funding which simon and I will attempt to get supported (we have
some leads, but any specific suggestions of potential funders in this area
most welcome). this proposal will be developed on the tx metadata working
wiki at
so do have a look, chop, suggestion etc.,
or just make your thoughts known on the metadata list.
ok cheers y'all, and keep in touch
love, zoe


Given that we have a working 0.2 set of draft specifications, there is
now a general need to move on to a more stable draft that can be used
for some implementations.

At an IRC meeting 20 November 2006 stakeholders discussed and the
following suggestions were made for next steps:

(i) Make a final review of all the comments, suggestions and questions so

(ii) Resolve any queries on the list.

(iii) Work on a 0.3 draft of the recommendations incorporating these.

(v) Draft some implementation guidelines for various CMSes and systems.

Going forward, it was suggested that Jamie and Jan move now from the
job of producing a draft set of recommendations to the 0.3 draft.
Funds would be raised for this. The estimated time for the job is:

2.5 days to resolve any conflicts and update to 0.3
1.5 day's research on state of current CMSes and platforms
1.5 days to get write this up in a report and take recommendations to 0.3.

TOTAL: 5.5 DAYS each = 11 days

This document would then be sent to meta:tx for a new round of
feedback. After final alterations it would  then be published on the
Transmission site. By that stage it should as much as possible reflect
the concerns and considerations of stakeholders.

Given that drafting and maintaining this standard is not easy work for
a group to do together, it has also been suggested that we find
someone to maintain the standard as we move forward. An initial
suggestion was made that this could be done in 4 days a month. This
role would include:

- reviewing discussion on list,
- bringing in interested parties
- maintaining and updating the standard
- dealing with queries about the standard
- promoting the standard professionally

It suggested that we apply for 6 months of funding for this role in
the first place, i.e., 4 days x 6 months = 24 days.

Jan and Jamie are willing to split this role and try to maintain the
standard co-operatively for the first 6 months period.

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