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Agree with comments as per andre and steff.
Re lacket .. Before xmas not possible for me. I think it makes more
sense to do this when steff gets back.

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>Quick response, Zoe, because I'm on the move...
>1. you are clearly the one who has worked most with the wiki, 
>and we all
>need to update our project pages on the wiki.
>If you can't post things to the private one, please put it 
>onto the ftp, or
>just send it to us individually by email.
>Sometimes soon we will have to sit down - all of us - to 
>reflect about where
>we are and where we are going... 
>2. see andre's response 
>3. yes, we all need to meet and talk and reflect etc. don't 
>know the lacket
>plans... But I'm back in early january and naturally I'd love 
>to be present
>at the meeting(s)... Anyway, doesn't hurt for you to go ahead 
>and have a
>meeting in december, if you guys have time, but should we plan 
>a project
>meeting in london in early january? Would be good....
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>be great to talk to some of you soon about
>1. what more should I be doing to and putting on the wiki 
>(just trying to
>add transcript of a key ifiwatchnet interview to private wiki 
>and the system
>is protesting that the text is too big, and telling me to break it into
>sections, which I did, but with no change in system message, 
>ho hum... shall
>I put it on the ftp server instead?). thing is, when I look around for
>inspiration and guidance and links I am not seeing much there 
>from any of
>you others and so am wondering if I'm going about things the 
>right way...?
>are others looking at and using what I've been doing there, if so any
>feedback? how or when does any of this this get any more 
>'reflected' upon?
>2. whether it is appropriate to be seeking more subproject 
>funding at this
>stage if so how and for what (I have proposals, just need to 
>know if it's
>not too cheeky who to take them to) and
>3. plans for working away days, maybe at the lacket in wilts, 
>sometime soon,
>which has been mooted, and would presumably be great 
>opportunity to approach
>answers to some questions above, and which I would need to 
>book soon if at
>the lacket
>cheers my dears
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