[blag-whereto] update using noldrin's repo #1: pidgin/gstreamer

r7 r7 at aktivix.org
Wed Jan 21 14:33:48 GMT 2009

hi all

first off, thanks to noldrin for work on getting a functioning repo
together. i updated and was mostly successful. i'll be send a few emails
over the next couple of days with some glitches...

using the following versions [all updated from whatever was latest in 90001:

  [r7 at box ~]$ rpm -q pidgin libpurple gstreamer
  [r7 at box ~]$

when i try to launch pidgin i get:

  [r7 at box ~]$ pidgin &
  [1] 8259
  [r7 at box ~]$
  ERROR: Caught a segmentation fault while loading plugin file:

  Please either:
  - remove it and restart.
  - run with --gst-disable-segtrap and debug.

  [1]+  Exit 255                pidgin
  [r7 at box ~]$

anyone else seeing this?

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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