[blag-whereto] status of trac

rms at agua.org.uk rms at agua.org.uk
Mon Jul 27 20:52:36 BST 2009

On 07/26/2009 09:04 PM, rms at agua.org.uk wrote:
> On 07/26/2009 11:20 AM, r7 wrote:
>> john maclean wrote:
>>> http://trac.slated.org
>>> i have not been able to log in for some time, even though my details
>>> have not changed. how is this account for others? can you log in?
>> as we said on this list a couple of weeks ago, it was suspended pending
>> its move to blag.fsf.org.
>> Homer has been out of the loop but has provided a db dump which i have
>> copied to /home/r7/ on blag.fsf.org. i will send a copy of the email he
>> sent to me at the same time to [blag-static].
>> it strikes me as insane to start using the slated trac the day before
>> moving it to another box when we can't get hold of Homer easily: but
>> what do i know...
>> r7
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> OK I have a fresh install of trac running on:
> http://blag.fsf.org:8000/fsf_box/
> Although it is running OK is not yet operational as I need to do more
> config on it and so on. Also need to do the migration of the previous
> slated one.
> At the moment is running on tracd (port 8000) rather than on httpd ...
> any thoughts on this? (http://blag.fsf.org:8000/fsf_box)
> I've assumed that the slated one had no svn/cvs/git backend as well as
> the db backend was sqlite
> Sorry my flu won the battle today ... tomorrow more
> sanchez

Moved trac to http://blag.fsf.org

Please try to log in with the user accounts from the slated one (and let
me know the results)

No tickets from old trac transferred yet, psb

Repositories: if am not confused it seems the backend on the slated one
was svn, so I need confirmation on this but the db states this:


so do we have those repos or access to them?


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