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Sun Jul 26 21:04:53 BST 2009

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On 07/26/2009 11:20 AM, r7 wrote:
> john maclean wrote:
>> http://trac.slated.org
>> i have not been able to log in for some time, even though my details
>> have not changed. how is this account for others? can you log in?
> as we said on this list a couple of weeks ago, it was suspended pending
> its move to blag.fsf.org.
> Homer has been out of the loop but has provided a db dump which i have
> copied to /home/r7/ on blag.fsf.org. i will send a copy of the email he
> sent to me at the same time to [blag-static].
> it strikes me as insane to start using the slated trac the day before
> moving it to another box when we can't get hold of Homer easily: but
> what do i know...
> r7
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OK I have a fresh install of trac running on:

Although it is running OK is not yet operational as I need to do more
config on it and so on. Also need to do the migration of the previous
slated one.

At the moment is running on tracd (port 8000) rather than on httpd ...
any thoughts on this? (http://blag.fsf.org:8000/fsf_box)

I've assumed that the slated one had no svn/cvs/git backend as well as
the db backend was sqlite

Sorry my flu won the battle today ... tomorrow more

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