[blag-whereto] activity or the lack of it

renilgh at riseup.net renilgh at riseup.net
Sat Jun 13 17:22:08 BST 2009

Hi r7, Hi all,

Sorry for taking a few days to respond. I was so busy all day and night
over the last week that I didn't even find the time to write an excuse
for not attending the meeting. I'm also sorry for that.

All the same feeling sorry is not enough. Without progress we even
burden ourselves to a task that wont be completed but nevertheless
bothers us, maybe taking away energy that could be spent more fruitful
somewhere else.

I'm back online and on IRC now. I'm not an expert at any of these but
wiki and packages are something one can at least try to work on. I'll
do this now, see what I can kick off and what others make out of this.
It would be very nice not to be alone doing so. Everybody, even if it's
just for the company, please come down to #blag as soon and often you
can and show your solidarity.

r7, as sad as I'm to say this, I don't see much more than this left to
us. Try to kick something off one last time, see if anything happens
over the next one or two weeks and then come do a decision about what
is reasonable to do and what is not.

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 23:08:16 +0200
r7 <r7 at aktivix.org> wrote:

> hi all
> i feel i'm watching a friend slowly dying and i suppose this email is
> a last desperate attempt to see what's happening with our distro. i
> wrote an email in february with the subject "so whereto really? are we
> serious? a *proposal* & call to action":
> https://lists.aktivix.org/pipermail/blag-whereto/2009-February/000097.html
> please read it. this is a follow up to it really.
> i *apologize* in advance for the negative tone of this email.
> i further *apologize* if i upset anyone with the contents of this
> email. this is not a *personal* snipe at *anyone* in particular, but
> the examples i will use are rather listed to illustrate a malaise. i
> am angry, upset and frustrated.
> so where are we at?
> we have a vserver on fsf we can't use and no estimate as to when we
> might be able to.
> we can't make any dns changes.
> we haven't got anyone participating who can build rpms.
> we have new kernels no-one is apparently testing.
> we have a repo that is not being updated from upstream.
> we have a repo that we can't add to or subtract from.
> we have an irc channel where half the folks say nothing and haven't
> done for months.
> we had a poll about when to hold meetings and for the third thursday
> running nothing.
> we have trac tickets that we can't progress for lots of reasons.
> we have wiki work to do that no-one seems to put any concerted effort
> into.
> we have a moribund forum.
> need i go on?
> i realize that folks have other priorities and lives to lead, but i
> don't think that the continuation of blag is a priority for anyone
> else as far as i can make out. if that is the case, i'd rather folks
> were honest about it.
> am i looking forward to a life with debian and a free kernel?
> what are we going to do about this mess, if anything?
> a very sad
> r7

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