[blag-whereto] proposal: - mailing list for line noise

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Thu Jun 25 23:00:17 BST 2009

2009/6/25 r7 <r7 at aktivix.org>

> john maclean wrote:
> > Simple proposal: A mailing list for developers to dump output from
> > stdout, debugging info and other line
> do others want this? let's decide at tonight's meeting... if yes, i can
> set this up on lists.aktivix in short order. my suggested name would be
> blag-static at ... [to differentiate it from the old [blag-noise] list].
> > why: you have a script that produces some output that you'd like to
> > share with others.
> r7
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Would a pastebin-style site (or microblog even) be of use here?  We could
incorporate rss feed, email notication etc...

Something between and blog, wiki and pastebin - collaborative, replies,
tags, linking - might be asking too much..for now.

After discussion in tonights meeting, the consensus settled on: set up a
mail list, while a pastebin /could/ be a future project.
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