[blag-whereto] update and therion news

JLM devslashnull at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 27 17:33:55 BST 2009

Hi all,

Sorry for disappearing off the face of BLAG.  I let work eat my soul.  I ended in a role of supporting Microsoft products for customers who needed high reliability.   This is a nightmare situation to be in and if you haven't you have no idea just how bad proprietary software really is.  

Anyways this Friday I lost my job.  What this means to you is that Therion, the BLAG 90K archive is slated to be taken down by my former employer on the night of July 1st or early morning of July 2nd.   I currently have not been able to make any other arrangements for my server.  Seeing as this is a pretty old server, it doesn't make sense to try and take donations to keep it up.


aim: noldrin

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